First Aid 1 Training

Improve your citizenship skills! Take a First Aid 1 course.

We are going to have a training weekend for trackers (14 years or older), explorers and adults to get a Red Cross First Aid 1 license.

The weekend is 28.-29.9. and it is a day event from 1000-1700 hrs on both days at Mankkaa makasiini.
After the training you get an official Finnish Red Cross card and certificate of the course.

The prize of the course is 90 ‚ā¨ and the troop sponsors the fee with 45 ‚ā¨. Because the course is organized by Finnish Red Cross the last registration day is quite early: September 6th

Registration link to Kuksa.

Other instructions will be here in the beginning of August.

There will be room for only 17 participants. So follow Insta and Wild Eagles WhatsApp Community to get date for registration.

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