Time and price of the camp at Evo

Kimara is area jamboree of the Metropolitan Area Scouts. It in Evo Hämeenlinna and we expect about 4 000 campers. Wild Eagles are participating the camp with our neighbor troop Leppäpirkot. 

It is also possible to participate in Kimara only part of the time. The price of a single day of camp is 47 €. It is also possible to buy day tickets at the main entrance of the camp at a slightly higher price.

Those who have registered have summer job security, which is valid until the end of May. If the camper cannot agree on time off due to work, participation can be cancelled against a certificate.

Participant registration

The actual registration of participants will take place at the beginning of the year, between 15.1.-13.3.2024. Participant registration takes place in Kuksa. A link to the registration will be announced later. 

It is possible to apply for a scholarship for the participation fee. The scholarships are applied for in connection with the registration and more information about them will be available closer to registration. 

The Wild Eagles will participate in the camp together with the Leppäpirkot. More information of the camp, please send email or call the troop leader Mudi.