Changes in the troop


Dear scout parents,

Our scout troop has grown and changed a lot in the last seven years. We have developed into a multi-faceted international troop like no other in Finland. The growth has been excellent, but now the growth has come to an end. The effects of Corona are visible in lack of commitment and lack of responsibility. We have difficulties in achieving the goals of weekly activities and scout education. The culture of participation has changed and crumbled. It's time for the troop to take the next step.

We would like to offer the best possible scout education in accordance with our mission and give children and young people the skills and experience to be able to function in the future world. In order to get through this well, we need to tighten our ranks. We will change the troop to be one that can be led brilliantly and where we can provide the best possible and most effective scout education.

What will be happening?

The board of the troop has prepared a plan during the beginning of the year, and the troop’s annual meeting has confirmed a three-phase plan for winding down Finnish-language scouting activities. The final goal is that the troop offers scouting in English to all who wish and the troop’s operating language changes In English. Part of the administration is still conducted in Finnish in accordance with the association law.

How will we do this?

For the members, this means that we will no longer take in scouts in Finnish-speaking groups, we will change our name to Wild Eagles ry at the fall meeting in November 2023, and during 2024 we will only have English-speaking groups. Scout education, communication and management will be done in English.The transition period and the piloting of the new operation will last until November 2023. After that, the operation will officially change and the goal is that during the spring of 2024 the groups and the operation will become stable.

We cannot force anyone to leave our troop. We understand that our choice of language causes annoyances and challenges, but we have a promise from the neighboring scout troops that they will accept those from the Wild Eagles who do not want or know how to speak English. Part of the turnaround in activity comes through the normal termination of memberships and the fact that we no longer accept children to the Finnish-speaking groups.

We need help

For this implementation, we need new scout educators who commit to help or lead the weekly activities. We will have discussions with the guardians of each participating child about their possibilities of joining the activity. In addition, we will do marketing to get more international actors. Our goal is to have all age groups involved in the activity:

The need for change is obvious in order to ensure the vitality of the troop and in terms of the leaders' ability to cope. In addition we desire to provide excellent scouting education for children and young people. There are resources, a plan and goals for making the change. We know that huge and difficult things need to be done and how to reach the destination. We have a bright vision about the outcome.

We are happy to answer questions, receive feedback and give instructions on how to do the possible transition to neighboring troops if needed.

Yours in Scouting,

Timo Muttonen

troop leader

Contact persons

Susanna Kaurinkoski

program director, susanna.kaurinkoski(at) 045 131 1617

Timo Muttonen

troop leader timo.muttonen(at), 0400 514 378