Day hike to Nuuksio on June 9th for Adults

Guided day hike to Nuuksio for adults

Please, meet us at Kattila in Nuuksio on Sunday, on June the 9th, at 10:15 hrs, by the bus stop and car parking. Address Kattilantie 426. (Espoo (Vihti), depends on your navigator). This is where the last bus stop is for line 245A (during summer days from Espoo Centre).


You can arrive by car, bicycle, or public transportation. There is a train-bus connection from Helsinki.


Program for the day:

-       Checking route and maps (provided). Some simple exercise to warm you up.

-       Checking gear, water, food. (Bring you own)

-       Principles on hiking in National Parks on your own (your next trip) and hiking etiquette

-       Route to Camp Fire approx 1,5 kilometers (45 min slow walking)

-       Camp Fire and lunch (bring your own)

-       Black Pot Coffee, on the house


All are welcome. Some participants on this trip will partly be First Time Hikers (maybe You?). Some with foreign origin living in Finland, some with families and children and dogs and some with less experience of Finnish Forests. Bring your family, friends, and your neighbours. Keep dogs on leach. Some of us are Advanced Hikers. Some of us are Finns.  We will mix well together and share our knowledge.


The route: The route is about 1,5 kilometers, (45 minutes) from Kattila to Takalan Laavu (Takala Open Shelter with camp fire). We will walk slowly. We will observe Nature. We will cross wet land on wooden trail along the way and walk by a small rapid, if there still is melting waters in the woods. Walk uphill and downhill, over woods, roots and stones. This is a short and a very nice and beautiful walk in the woods. The Route is marked. Don’t bring strollers.


At Takala shelter we will make up a fire for ”Black Pot Coffee” and you can warm up your own food/sausages. We will stay at Takala 1-2 hours. (Outdoor dry toilet available, ”puucee”).


You will be returning to bus stop and car park following ME, your Guide, or on your own (marked route). Bus from Kattila leaves for Espoon Keskus every half an hour.


Bring along


Take U-train from Helsinki Central Railway station to Espoon Keskus, where transfer to bus number 245A platform 32. Bus arrives in Kattila, last stop at the end of line. Check time table with “” the Route planner of  HSL


Please send email to Aslak Söderman to register in.