Cub scouts 7-9 years


Meeting day is Tuesday at 1800 - 1900 hrs.
Cub meetings are at Opinmäki Campus in Suurpelto or Lillhemt village hut.
Meeting places are informed for one month before.  

Cub leaders are:

Susanna Kaurinkoski

Jenna Rajala

Please send email to office(at) if you need more information. 

Wild Bugs together with Leppäpirkot ry

Meeting day is Monday at 1800-1900 hrs. at Haukilahti Youth house.  The group is bilingual.
Cub leaders are
Minna  Joensuu
Susanna Kaurinkoski
Timo Muttonen

Please send email to leppapirkot(at) if you need more information.