This is Wild Eagles

We are a bilingual scout troop who believes in diversity, global thinking and international scouting.

Our groups meet at Opinmäki Campus, Olari Chapel, Lillhemt Village House and Haukilahti Youth House.

Join in! We have all age groups from family scouting to rovers and we have also group for adults. If you are interested in joining in, please fill in the registration form below.

Olarin Eräkotkat was founded in 1961 and we started Wild Eagles in 2017. We have about 85 members from over 20 countries.

Weekly group meetings are the essence of scout activity. In addition to these meetings we arrange events, weekend trips and camps at the local parks, national parks and other outdoor areas. We have our own small scout hut in Kirkkonummi by a small lake.

We are also known for our famous song book which is the most published scout song book in Finland. It is an important tool for fund raising of our scout guild. The Guild is our biggest supporter.

Our scout scarf is blue and it has an eagle head badge. The eagle reminds us of strength, courage and the need of freedom.

We are only English-speaking troop in Finland.

We have all the age groups in our troop: squirrels, cubs, adventurers, trackers, explorers and rovers. We have also an adult group for scouts of over 23 years.

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